We are always looking to buy collectible first or important editions of key titles, both fiction and non fiction, also illustrated and children’s books. The authors and titles listed below are permanent wants and we will pay premium prices for the scarcer titles or for really fine copies.

Christie, Agatha

Any Pre-war titles in dust jackets

Fleming, Ian

Casino Royale, Live and Let Die & Moonraker (with or without dust jackets), plus any later titles with dust jackets.

Gibbons, Stella

Cold Comfort Farm (with or without dust jacket).

Greene, Graham

All Pre-war titles(with or without dust jackets) + The Power and the Glory and Ministry of Fear in dust jackets.

Hamilton, Patrick

Any pre-war titles & Hangover Square (with or without dust jackets).

Huxley, Aldous

Brave New World (in dust jacket)

Kafka, Franz

Any Pre-war titles is dust jackets.

Lowry, Malcolm

Ultramarine & Under the Volcano (in dust jackets).

Nabokov, Vladimir

Any pre-war in dust jacket.

Orwell, George

Any pre-war (with or without dust jackets) + Animal Farm & 1984 with dust jacket.

Peake, Mervyn

First edition works authored or illustrated by the Gormenghast creator

Powell, Anthony

Any pre-war titles(with or without dust jackets) and The Dance to the Music of Time sequence(with dust jackets).

Salinger, J.D.

The Catcher in the Rye – U.K. 1st in dust jacket.

Tolkien, J.R.R.

Any Pre 1954 copies of the Hobbit (with or without jackets) and The Lord of the Rings.

Wheatley, Dennis

Pre-War titles (in dust jackets)

Waugh, Evelyn

All pre-war titles and Brideshead Revisited – (in dust jackets)

Woolf, Virginia

Any pre-war with dust jacket & pre 1925 without dust jacket.

Wodehouse, P.G.

Any pre 1920 + any 1920 – 1940 in dust jackets.


Children’s & Illustrated

Blyton, Enid

The Island of Adventure & any 1940’s Famous Five in dust jackets.

Crompton, Richmal

Pre War books in dust jacktets.

Dahl, Roald

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – U.S. 1st in dust jacket.

Grahame, Kenneth

The Wind in the Willows (with or without dust jacket)

Johns, W.E.

any pre-war Biggles titles.

Milne, A.A.

The Pooh books (in dust jackets)

Rackham, Arthur

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens – 1912 edition (50 plates)

Ransome, Arthur

Swallows & Amazons & Swallowdale (with or without jackets) + any later titles in dust jackets.



Doyle, Arthur Conan

Any fiction titles with or without dust jackets.

Hardy, Thomas

Any pre 1890.

Marsh, Richard

The Beetle.

Stoker, Bram

Dracula (any edition up to 1904) + any other pre 1905 1st editions.

Verne, Jules


Wells, H.G.

Any pre 1900.